Johnny Basic the the main protagonist. He is a 28-years-old quirky, yet brilliant scientist who has devoted his life to invention. The top graduate in the technological field, he received offers for several well-paying jobs, but refused all of them to focus on his own unconventional experiments. He is crafty and resourceful, but is inexperienced when it comes to fighting. He relies on his inventions to do the dirty work for him.






Abigail Rowe is the first companion you encounter. 34-years-old. Researching plant genealogy when the nuclear cataclysm occurred. The resulting radiation caused her plants to mutate into sentient organisms. Feeling guilty for what had been created, she worked feverishly to find a way to reverse the effects, driving herself mad in the process. She now dwells the city in isolation, continuing to study the evils that have taken root.






Manny Hart is the second companion you encounter. 49-years-old. Once a decorated officer of the law. His bravery and skill earned him a spot in an experimental program designed to enhance the police force through cybernetic augmentation. After the nuclear cataclysm, he was assigned to defend the city from mutant insect attacks. Since then, he has become more brash and vulgar, but still retains his morales as a protector.






Valorie Leon is the final companion you encounter. 23-years-old.  Still young once the nuclear cataclysm occurred, forcing her to grow up in a dangerous world; however, she viewed it as a playground. Always the thrill-seeker, she took on the dangers with confidence. Over time, she learned from experience and became an expert at survival. Skilled in archery and light-weaponry, she can adapt to almost any situation, all without breaking a sweat.