Johnny Basic is a 2D platform adventure game with various common and unique game mechanics, here are a few examples.

Destructible Objects

Scattered throughout the overworld areas will be destructible objects that the player must destroy in order to get the loot within.  Each object has a certain amount of loot guaranteed, but there is a chance for higher quantities.

KO System

When a character is downed while they are outside the base, they will be KO’d and the other character will automatically become controlled by the player.  The KO’d character must be carried back to the base in order to be revived.  The player will not be able to leave an area if a character is in KO status unless they are carrying that character.  If both characters are KO’d, it will be game over and the player must restart from their previous save point.

Waypoint Fast Travel System

Throughout the game, there will be waypoints allowing for fast travel.  The first one will be located in the base, and the subsequent ones will be scattered throughout the following zones and force the player to choose to either break them down for extra scrap or to repair it for use when first encountering them.

Classic 3 Slot Save System

Similar to cartridge systems of the past, there will be 3 slots that the player will choose for their save file when starting the game.  As the player progresses through the game and when entering their base, auto-saving will occur in that slot.  At the main menu, there will be an option to clear and copy save slots.

Secret Area

Each zone will contain a secret area specifically designed for the NPC found in that area.  This area will be tied into the individual NPC’s plot and must be completed alone as that character.  It will test the player’s mastery of that character and is more difficult than that zone’s dungeon.