An Earth devastated by a nuclear armageddon. An irradiated atmosphere has led to extreme climate conditions. Areas furthest from the origin of the nuclear activity have become lush with mutated plant-life, while those areas closest have transformed into hazardous desert terrains with mutant insects.

Human beings are an uncommon sight. Most of them have died out as a result of the nuclear radiation, but there are a few who continue to survive. All of the earth’s wildlife has either gone extinct or been mutated the point where they would best be classified as new species entirely, including giant insects that are extremely hostile. The plantlife has also been mutated, creating a race of sentient plants who possess low-level intelligence and tribal qualities. Some areas of the world have a stong presence of inorganic beings, well-armed and defensive mechanical menaces that work feverishly to excavate rare minerals from undeground.

Zone 1 – Urban Jungle

Overgrown city street. Four blocks long: One block of dense jungle,one block of suburban buildings and two blocks of urban buildings.

– Overgrown hospital interior. Four floors tall, plus the basement.

– Hospital basement

– Overgrown rooftops of the hospital and other buildings (businesses, apartment complexes, etc.)

– Overgrown skyscraper that has toppled into a downhill slope.

– City subway system that acts as the primary dwelling for the plant enemies

Zone 2 – Infested Sands

Demolished city block buried in sand

– Expansive desert sea

– Rusted remains of an aircraft carrier interior and exterior

– An insect hive inside of a hollow cave, buried beneath the aircraft carrier

– Field of spire-shaped insect cocoons

– Mutant insect hive in the bottom of a giant sinkhole

Zone 3 – The Bunker

– An industrial city ran by Intelligent robots. You’re just gonna have to play the game to find out about it.